On DVD & Digital July 7


This is the kind of film that will make you stay in the theatre seats in wonder when the credits roll.

THE GRIZZLIES is the inspiring true story of first-year teacher Russ Sheppard, who takes a temporary assignment to teach at a high school in Kugluktuk, a small arctic town with the highest suicide rate in North America. Having no success at getting his Inuit students to show up for class—and seeing that many of the teens roam around town drinking and smoking—he believes that teaching them the sport of lacrosse will get them in school and motivate them to achieve. But really it’s Sheppard who has a lot to learn, as they end up transforming their own lives as well as his.


Based on a true story, discover how the indigenous youth of the arctic region overcame their community struggles and made a dent in the world.